10 Ways AudienceView Increases Operational Efficiency for Ticketing Leaders

June 9, 2017 Nick Begley

  1. A single, integrated system keeps the entire external team in the know. Collaborate with colleagues in other departments on shared campaigns, like season ticket renewals, promotional packages and fundraising campaigns without adding work to your plate.
  2. Make the right offer to the right fan at the right time. With all customer information stored in one spot and not pulling from multiple databases, be relevant and mindful with your outbound communications.
  3. Easily access ticketing and fan data from the road. Access any information you want and make all the changes you need from anywhere on any device.
  4. Automate customer service campaigns. Create smart customer service communications once that send every day. Remind those who need to renew and thank those who have. Thank people for coming or remind fans their kids club is about to expire.
  5. Automate reporting. Create custom reporting packages for your external team that distribute daily, weekly, monthly or however you choose.
  6. Sleep soundly through price changes. Schedule seats to increase from $50 to $60 at midnight or any other time. AudienceView makes the change automatically.
  7. Don’t let anyone slow you down. Manage fees, price changes, e commerce sales features and venue maps yourself.
  8. Create flexible payment plans. Credit cards setup for scheduled payment plans are charged automatically and you are notified of failed payments.
  9. Sell it together and you’ll sell more. Sell parking, experiences, concessions vouchers or a kids club with a ticket in the same transaction. Let your marketing team add recommendations or upsell opportunities during the fan’s purchase journey.
  10. Help your colleagues in marketing and outbound sales. Say goodbye to paper forms, Excel worksheets and fan info written on scraps of paper. By entering new fan data directly into AudienceView, leads are never lost.

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