4 Ways to Create Athletics Packages That Maximize Revenue

September 29, 2016 AudienceView Staff

Selling tickets to athletic events is a year-long grind. Between basketball, hockey, football, and soccer, your school is always trying to fill the bleachers. Selling packages is the easiest way to fill seats in the long and short term. Packages allow you to place fans into the stadium by making their seats only available if they sign up to see other, less attractive, games as a result. This not only helps you sell tickets to games that are less desirable, they also provide you with an opportunity to upsell fans by allowing them to upgrade their seats for their preferred games.

So how do you ensure that you’re selling packages that are appealing to your fans in order to maximize revenue? AudienceView gives you numerous ways to sell packages throughout the year.

Offer Memberships In Addition to Tickets

Notice the same name on your list for your past three soccer games? Why not set up different benefit schemes to appeal specifically to them? You can tie season ticket programs to donations, miscellaneous items, or parking offers.

Make Season Ticketing Easy 

Give your fans the gift of a frictionless experience! When it’s season renewal time, you want it to be easy for fans to renew online or at the box office so that you don't risk losing any season ticket holders.

Empower Your Fans with Unified Search

As you build and offer more packages around a single game, you can create a page on your integrated website that displays all active ways to buy tickets to that event, enabling customers to purchase higher priced packages that drives incremental revenue.

Use Dashboards to Plan Accordingly

Real time dashboards price things on popularity, meaning that you can re-allocate resources based on performance. Monitor the sales of each game on your schedule and react dynamically.

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