4 Ways to Grow Your Family of Fans

August 29, 2016 AudienceView Staff

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Keeping your customers happy allows you to drive down your acquisition costs, and growing your family will only help you in the long run. Marketing your organization to new prospects in a smart way will bring you new fans, which will help your bottom line.

AudienceView equips you with the tools that allow anyone in your organization to interact with fans in a way that helps them feel like a part of your family. Here’s how AudienceView helps you grow your fan base:

Offer Free Print-at-Home and Mobile Delivery

Not many people have time to line up at the box office the day of a big game. By offering options for your fans, you’re creating a more frictionless experience for them, ultimately resulting in happier fans.

Make Fan Accounts Accessible 

With so many loyalty programs in the world, your fans are used to being able to log into their profile to see their progress. By giving a fan the ability to log into their account online, they can be offered relevant items that they may wish to purchase. They can also look up the next game at their own convenience.

Make Sure VIPs Are Acknowledged and Appreciated

There are some fans in your family who need the white gloves to be on when being handled. A poor interaction with your staff at any level could be enough to sour their mood, which is why a VIP pop up will alert your CSRs of this important information. 

Ask the Right Questions

Set up questions against an order or admission to capture more information about your fans. The information can be used operationally to see what a fan would like to eat, their seating preference, and to find out their emergency contact information. Questionnaires can also be used to collect marketing/CRM data, so you know how they found out about you.

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