Package Experiences to Spur Passion at Homecoming

November 2, 2016 AudienceView Staff

Homecoming is one of the most celebrated events in your school’s calendar. With a spiked sense of community, it’s an ideal time for your athletics department to sell tickets to a new influx of people, including the alumni and guests who come pouring in. But how much more passionate could your fans be if they received merchandise or items alongside their ticket purchase? What could you do with the ability to combine products into value added packages and bundles?

AudienceView provides your fans with a complete e-commerce solution, and allows you to get as specific as you want when building packages to include merchandise or gift certificates with the ticket. This system lets your fans understand and purchase online ahead of time, so that you don’t have anything for sale exclusively through the ticket office during homecoming.

The University of Minnesota runs a unique program for homecoming where they not only promote their upcoming matchup and schedule, but also use the day to take advantage of creative packages that they’ve created within AudienceView. Starting with a simple ticket purchase to a VIP Package that allows fans access to the tunnel, stadium parking, and the field before the game. If it can be sold, you can sell it through AudienceView.

Minnesota provides all of these package options on their homecoming page where the schedule for the day is laid out. Fans who may have only bought a single seat can upgrade to a package, helping Minnesota upsell fans on a product they already want, but may not have been aware of. Additionally, packages can help large groups of students or alumni feel like they have a greater stake in the sport, and you can include a piece of merchandise to help solidify the memories created during their package experience.

The University of Minnesota found another way to maximize revenue using packages. By partnering with a local hotel, they are able to offer the luxurious Stay & Play package. This bundle includes everything the VIP package has, with the addition of a night stay at the hotel. You could apply this methodology to your region as well: Partner with hotels, restaurants, and car rental companies to see what sort of custom packages you can craft for your fans to create a better gameday experience for them.

Selling packages allows you to get rid of inventory, but it also provides you more ways to offer items that create unforgettable memories for your fans. With AudienceView, you’re able to bundle various items around a specific event. You can create your own packages around the holidays, homecoming, and other special events, promoting those packages alongside your regular ticket sales. 

Your community’s passion is your athletic department’s greatest asset. By equipping yourself with the tools that allow you to monetize that passion, you’re setting your school up for success. 

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