3 Proven Ways to Track Fiscal Wins

October 26, 2016 AudienceView Staff

How well do you know the overall health of your athletics department? Whether or not you hit your goals this season, you need to be able to run a status report on your organization at any time if you want to know how you’re doing, which is why you need a tool like AudienceView to give you an edge.

Your team is only as smart as the data they have, so you need to make sure that everyone is working off the same platform and making decisions based on the same numbers. Using the functionality in AudienceView allows you to break down organizational silos, and it also makes sure your organization’s health is constantly improving.

Use Business Intelligence to Gain a Competitive Edge

Whether you’re forecasting for future revenue or studying to see where you could’ve improved last year, you’ll be able to proactively manage your business in order to hit budget goals.

Run Standard Reports to Analyze Your Numbers

Have operational reports set up to automatically give you the information you need. Schedule reports to arrive weekly so you can focus on making fans happy instead of manually running reports.

Access Real-Time Analytics with Dashboards

See the health of your organization in real-time on any device. With visual dashboards, you have access to metrics about key sales and fundraising so you can see how you’re performing against your goals.

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