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June 4, 2015 Christine Payne


Consumers love to be entertained.

Sports fans will trade a comfy couch for the bleachers to see a big game. Theater patrons eagerly await the dimming lights and rising curtain. Concertgoers are ready to rock before the band even hits the stage.

As a venue or promoter, what matters to you is to know which stadium would they choose to attend? What team do they support? What show would they take in on their only free night of the week?

And how can you ensure that they choose you?

If you are a typical venue, between 30-40% of your inventory goes unsold. You are doing great stuff, but in a highly competitive market, do you need a boost?

The wide variety of entertainment options fighting to win over that Friday night means that organizations have to now ask whether they are amplifying their offering enough so it is top-of-mind in not only direct but also in last-minute discovery areas. It’s like catering to people who find your website by typing in your direct URL and also those who find you through a third-party discovery tool like Google.

Because the ways your target customers find entertainment options has become fragmented, it’s smart business to not try and distribute your inventory to new and engaging audiences solely on your own. Third-party distribution partners represent a boost in reaching a wider audience and generally bring first-time customers into your event.

If you are apprehensive about the current third-party party sales models out there, we hear you. Distributing inventory through third-party channels can be a bit of a deal with the devil. Most organizations feel that the lack of insight and loss of control is an unfair deal in return for very hefty fees and revenue shares.


At AudienceView, we think there is a better way to drive inventory though third parties, but maintain control and relationships with everyone who comes to your event.

In late December 2014, we forged our partnership with StubHub, one of the biggest consumer-facing brands in the industry. The integration between our companies will allow AudienceView customers to utilize StubHub as a primary distribution channel.

Now is a great time to change the perception that StubHub is serving just the secondary ticketing market, because in a world of multi-channel marketing, our partnership with StubHub is an untapped opportunity for you to open up your tickets to a whole new segment with over 20 million unique monthly visitors.

Consider the advantages of this integrated new marketplace:

  • Millions of registered users can find your tickets.
  • These users represent new customers outside of your typical audience and local market.
  • Match these fans and patrons looking for something to do with unsold seats to great events.
  • StubHub is more than a company – it’s a distribution channel.

Having a great name and presence in your local market is important, but your typical go-to marketing and sales channels – like your website and local newspaper – will not reach the widest possible audience. In addition, your lean marketing budgets likely compromise how you target new customers that don’t normally fit your typical buyer persona.

For example, imagine a family is off to New York City for a week in the summer. Will anyone in this group visit the individual websites of every local venue to find something to do on Friday night? Likely not.

Instead, they’ll go right to websites that offers a marketplace to discover a range of local entertainment options – this is a great reason to explore other avenues of exposure that aggregate options for fans and patrons.

AudienceView is committed to ensuring our clients’ success by expanding our distribution channel partnerships. StubHub is the first integration we’ve announced and it’s a fantastic place to start.

Ultimately, it’s about getting primary unsold inventory to market via StubHub and other reputable channels so that more fans and patrons can more easily find the concerts, shows and sporting events they really want to attend. And doing so in a way that allows you to maintain control of your business and your customers. A win-win for everyone!

Want to learn more about how our partnerships can create additional value for your business? Let’s talk partnerships@audienceview.com.


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