University of Minnesota sells it together...and it pays off.

February 6, 2016 AudienceView Marketing

The Situation

In an effort to further engage all Gopher fans, the University of Minnesota was looking to leverage the concept of one-stop shopping for anyone looking to make a purchase with Minnesota Athletics. Never before has anyone in college athletics chosen to integrate their entire online store with the ticket purchase experience. In the early stages, it was abundantly clear that AudienceView was the only solution in the marketplace that could make this a reality.

The Solution

When approached with the idea, the key vendors – AudienceView as the software partner and Gold Country for merchandise – jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on the project. All three parties quickly understood that the one-stop shopping experience would result in new opportunities to drive exponential revenue through up-selling and cross-selling tickets, donations and merchandise when the consumer has already committed to making a purchase. The decision to migrate Goldy’s Locker Room onto MyGopherSports to create the first ever one-stop shopping experience in college athletics was unanimous.

  • Minnesota Athletics now offers a truly integrated shopping experience to better serve Gopher fans as well as collect and analyze even more data within the AudienceView CRM solution
  • Gold Country has strengthened their marketing capabilities on a website that sees an average of 11,000 page views per day
  • AudienceView demonstrates to the college athletics marketplace that their solution can serve as a single transaction engine for all fan interaction, and that a one-stop shopping experience results in exponential revenue growth

The Results

In the first month of offering fans the ability to purchase merchandise in the same transaction as buying a ticket or making a donation, merchandise revenue increased by 124% and the average order size increased by 233% (when compared to the same period in 2010).

Beyond the large increase in merchandise sales, the ability to consolidate multiple products into one transaction enhanced the customer experience because it allowed fans to use a single account to make and track purchases. Fans no longer have to use multiple logins on different sites to support the Gophers through donating or the purchase of tickets and merchandise.

In addition, the University of Minnesota has utilized AudienceView recommendations to upsell merchandise based on targeted customer behavior. Scores of fans have acted on these recommendations by adding more to their shopping cart and, therefore, spending more money with the Gophers.

In Their Words

"When presented with the option of selling merchandise alongside tickets, memberships, gift cards and donations – compared to a completely separate fan experience – the choice was easy. MyGopherSports and Goldy’s Locker Room joining forces has been great for our fans and our fan relations efforts.” - Brent Holck, Assistant AD, Sales and Service, University of Minnesota

At a Glance

  • Merchandise revenue increased by 124%
  • Average merchandise order size increased by 233%


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