Creating a One-Stop Shop for Collegiate Experiences at Dartmouth

April 18, 2016 AudienceView Staff

Ivy League schools develop smart students. Dartmouth College has prided themselves on doing just that since it was established in 1769, counting such celebrated alumni as Dr. Seuss, Meryl Streep, and Mindy Kaling in its ranks. But with an enrollment of just under 7,000, Dartmouth faces a finite pool of students when it comes to engaging them to participate in all of the extra-curricular activities the school has to offer. “We live in a region with a set number of people,” says Sarah Swanson, box office manager at Dartmouth College since 2009. “All of our departments are vying for the same customers and seeing how can we be more efficient and cohesive to encourage them to be more involved.” This constant journey towards engagement isn’t driven by revenue, but by facilitating the best possible experience a Dartmouth can have. “We don’t want to notify you only when we want you to spend money,” says Swanson. “We want to notify you whenever we have something exciting that’s happening.”

Sarah’s ticket office is staffed with two people, but is responsible for managing a huge volume of orders for every sporting event that takes place on campus. Although she loved hearing how people had a great time at the event, Swanson couldn’t afford to spend valuable minutes with each fan in-person to guarantee that would happen. Thankfully, a solution was available. “The big trend we see is online: they can pick out the seats, they can see what the field looks like from that seat, and they can access all of the discounts that they’re eligible for,” says Swanson. “Purchasing online is the biggest piece. Any department that sells through AudienceView in athletics has seen a huge increase in the number of people who have chosen to do it online.”

But it’s not just tickets that have benefited from becoming available online. Thanks to the solution, a one stop shop for Dartmouth has been created to the excitement of fans all over campus. “We started selling things like goggles and squash balls, as well as Dri-FIT t-shirts. It’s really streamlined business in the office, and I can send reports based on the one thing we sell.”

This one-stop shop doesn’t just engage the student body, it helps Dartmouth in its development goals. “Our swim team does fundraising where they sell goodie bags to parents. The parents can go online and call the office and say that they want to buy the Fall final goodie bag for their son Johnny. They buy it through AudienceView and then the swim office pulls together the goodie bags and delivers them to the dorm for the student.” This unique approach allows Dartmouth to engage with their students while helping them drive their development goals. 

Dartmouth has also started selling fitness classes, gym memberships, and locker renewals online through their single shopping cart approach to e-commerce. “It seems to be one stop shopping for Dartmouth,” says Swanson. “And our fans are starting to notice.”


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