Getting Ready to Switch Conferences

July 21, 2016 Jenna Raimondi

Photo by Tom Woodward

Switching conferences is a huge event for any college. Whether it’s due to an expansion or a shuffling in the conferences, if your school is selected to join a new conference you need to be able to hit the ground running. It’s almost guaranteed that there will be an upward trend in attendance the first year in the new conference, but if the fans have a frustrating experience they’re less likely to come back. 

Of all the new challenges that you’ll be presented with while making the switch, worrying about having the right ticketing solution installed shouldn’t be one of your key focuses.

Some colleges might find that they’re semi-prepared to deal with the increased demand, while some may be totally out of their depth. The main factors for institutions who might be switching conferences are the strength of the athletic department, the size of the fan base, the media market, the school's reputation, and academic strength. But what are the factors that come into play once an institution has made the switch? 

Some software solutions can’t sell multiple sports packages, while others lack the ability to sell donations through pop-ups and micro moments. But if you invest in a software that’s comprehensive enough to expand with your team’s needs, you put yourself in a position to succeed. 

Are you able to sell merchandise to fans who are buying a ticket through your website? If not, how do you expect to capitalize on the sudden surge that comes from being in a new conference? 

When you’re putting your players on a more competitive platform, the ticketing solution you use should be on the same level of competitiveness. Set yourself up to win early, so that when the W’s start racking up you’ll be more than ready to reap the benefits.

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