Instagram's Event Channel is a Game-Changer

August 17, 2016 AudienceView Staff

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When it first launched, Instagram was primarily a tool that made the pictures you share with your friends look pretty with the help of custom photo filters. Since then, it’s grown to one of the biggest online platforms available, with the average person spending 21 minutes per day browsing not only photos, but now videos as well as live-feed “Stories” that mimic Snapchat

But now Instagram has announced that users will be able to see aggregated content that’s based on time-sensitive events that are in their area, like concerts or sporting events. This new video channel will live within Explore, and will be called Events.

This new channel will live in the Discover tab of the app where you can currently see curated images and videos that Instagram’s algorithm has selected for you based on photos you like or users you follow. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Adele concert or an NFL game, as long as the event is popular enough, it will become a detectable tile in the user’s Discovery tab as a channel. 

Instagram’s existing algorithms will decide what type of user receives which event channels, but this technological advancement is another reminder that the future of live events will certainly incorporate the mobile experience. While Snapchat has been working towards aggregating event recaps, that work is still done manually by a team of curators. Instagram’s built in algorithm will know to show you an Event based on your network, streamlining the process.

This new development from Instagram is important to note exactly because of this algorithm. As much as performers gripe about attendees being glued to their phones during a concert, that same footage is going to eventually find its way into the hands of everyone who wasn’t at the event by way of this Instagram change. But knowing that a change is coming is one of the best ways to tackle an approaching challenge. 

Sporting events have already embraced the idea of the Snapchat geofilter for their games, but now with Instagram Events they face a new opportunity to connect with not just fans, but the networks of fans. If enough of your connections are posting on Instagram about the football game, you’re going to be delivered that recap whether or not you’re rooting for that team. Could this serve as an opportunity for sports organizations to encourage fans at the game to post on Instagram in an effort to populate an Event channel through sheer volume? One thing’s for sure: The future of entertainment and technology will have more cross pollination than ever before.

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